Strategic Planning

ae logoAdvanced Energy hired BC/DC Ideas to develop a communications and marketing strategic plan for their brand new program H-QUITO – an HVAC credentialing and training program.

Competing against an already established credentialing program, H-QUITO was the challenger brand with infinite opportunity for growth and increased brand awareness. Through a knowledge mining, market research and brainstorming process, we developed a strategic plan that set the goal of broadening their brand awareness, identifying the audience, defining the message and giving the Advanced Energy team the tools to execute it all.

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Advanced Energy walked away with a thoughtful, strategic marketing plan tailored to their teams’ skills and ability to execute tactics. The H-QUITO team was given a clear and achievable goal to execute over the next year. They had a better understanding of their audience and their customer. We made recommendations to improve the voice and tone of their current marketing materials to better appeal to their customers. Most importantly, they were given a detailed road map to elevate their brand.


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